50,000 unique drivers and How to: account video

Today marks a special day for the BrotherOps family. Today is the day we achieved fifty thousand individual guests to our servers. 50,000 In less then 9 months. O.o With 6000 visits this month alone. As well as here on discord the community continues to grow with more then 580 members at this moment. The BrotherOps race league continues to grow closer to being a reality thanks to the hard work of @Deathproof as well as a a big shout out to @Nash_Bobo for his continued coverage and documentation in an absolutely beautiful manner. Your growth has been amazing to watch. As well as To all of our staff, members, drivers, guests, and everyone and anyone who enjoys what we do. Thank you all so much for your support! We could not have done any of this without each and every one of you! We look forward to updating this at the 75,000 user mark. Much love, from your brothers and sisters at BrotherOps. While we have y'alls attention, for anyone having issues verifying your account on brotherops.com we have created a video detailing the steps involved.
Posted by: Een Kip  - November 25, 2022
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