If you like our community and appreciate the effort we've put into it, a donation wouldhelp us make it bigger, better and louder! We've got many more plans in the future, but we can't do that without your support. To do that, you can contribute by a one-time or monthly donation. 💪👊

You can support us in other ways as well, for example by boosting our discord (more info here) or using our affiliate link when buying your sim gear @SimXPro (On both EU and US store!)

How are your donations useful to us?

We can create new servers (new server location, tracks, etc), pay for our existing servers and perhaps upgrade them for better performance. We also do a lot of software development, which improves the quality of our servers immensly. We have and need seperate servers for it, so your donation would also support future developments. We'd like to have a 24/7 livestream of our server on Twitch and Youtube. To do this we need to rent a remote server with a decent graphics card to host said livestream.

We're all volunteers who put a lot of free time into the community, so if possible we would like to give back to them by gifting them some vRP (R3E currency). Your donation could make that happen! And if our growth or the community's generosity is big enough, we could pay our volunteers for the great work they do.